SCERT to conduct class 8, 9 exams at school level

The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) J&K has decided to hold the annual examination of class 8th and 9th students at school level in offline mode.

The decision has been taken after getting approval from the administrative secretary school education department.

In a communication addressed to directors school education Kashmir and Jammu divisions, the director SCERT Veena Pandita has stated that the question papers for students will be set by the concerned schools.

“But for uniform assessment of the students the sample papers from T2 syllabus will be prepared by the Educational Research, Survey and Assessment Wing of SCERT of the concerned DIET as per the assessment scheme in vogue,” the official document reads.

The students will have a 40 percent choice keeping in view their “mental anxiety and prevailing covid19 pandemic.”

“The concerned schools will follow the same pattern and assess the students accordingly. By conducting the pen and paper assessment for these classes will not only help to check the learning levels of the students during the lockdown but will also avoid the negative effects of mass promotion,” the document reads.

As per the SCERT decision, the evaluation of answer papers will be done at complex head level and result compilation will be done at DIET level in order to keep a proper record of the students.

Also, the assessment of the students has to be done to focus on the changes in the child’s learning and development over the period of lockdown.

“The evaluator has to assess to what extent learning outcomes of a child have been achieved and also identify the learning gaps,” the document reads.

The concerned DIETs have been also instructed to issue the achievement cards for the class 8th students depicting their grades.

“The Principal DIETs shall meet out the expenditure on the result compilation and preparation of achievement cards of the students out of the available MSE funds on this account as per the prescribed norms in practice,” it reads.

However, in respect of private school students, the actual expenses to be incurred on preparation of the marks cards will be worked out and charged from the private schools.