Shamim Ahmad Shamim remembered

Writer, journalist and parliamentarian Shamim Ahmad Shamim was remembered on his 41st death anniversary on Saturday. 

Shamim is known for his writings in his immensely popular weekly “Aina”. Former chief justice of J&K High Court, B A Khan, took to social media to pay his tributes.

“He was a renowned Urdu journalist and a firebrand parliamentarian of sub-continental fame. A mercurial but charismatic and colourful personality. A born rebel who would fight any establishment and injustice,” Justice Khan posted on social media while remembering late Shamim.

He described Shamim as “a man of conviction who would not compromise on any wrongdoing”. “A crusader of just and genuine causes. He was fearless and courageous and would stand up to high and mighty, unmindful of consequences. He was a diplomat by instinct and would deal with friends and foes even handedly. His writings would shake the highest and his oratory would cast a spell on all and sundry,” Khan wrote.

Khan remembered Shamim as “someone who was ranked the best Urdu speaker in the Parliament”. “He was a one man opposition in Emergency days. He had a finger in every pie and had miles to go but he was cut short young at age of 43. Above all he was my role model from whom I learnt in my formative years,” Justice Khan wrote. 

“He was Shamim Ahmad Shamim, a young turk firebrand Parliamentarian of the Emergency era who died before he could reach the peak,” Justice Khan wrote.

“Remembering Bhai Sahib as he was fondly called on his  death anniversary. May God rest his soul in peace.”

Justice Khan also posted a picture of late Shamim with a caption, “Here he (Shamim) is seen interviewing former Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfikar Bhutto in Karachi.”