Situation demands NC's victory, people have realized it: Farooq

The polling station at Burn Hall School was the center of attraction for the media persons who were waiting for Farooq Abdullah to cast his vote there.

At around 10 am, Farooq arrived in a black-colored SUV along with his son and former chief minister Omar Abdullah.

The 83-year old politician is fighting what he termed as his “last election” against PDP’s Aga Syed Mohisn, PC’s Irfan Ansari and BJP’s Khalid Jehangir.

 “This time people are aware of the situation in our nation and are really afraid of what is happening in the country. We are hopeful that people have realized the need to make the NC victorious,” Abdullah said, confident of his victory.

 “We tried our best to make public understand our agenda for contesting elections,” he said.

Omar interrupted him, saying 2019 Lok Sabha elections in Kashmir were different from the by-elections of 2017.

“In 2017 we barely managed one or two meetings outdoors and all our election activity was confined to closed rooms. In this election we found electorate far more receptive,” Omar said.

“I don’t know about turnout but at least in terms of atmosphere for campaigning and the receptiveness of people to our message, the people were far more receptive today,” he said.

Omar called for early Assembly elections in J&K, stating that given the environment in which elections and campaigning were held in northern and central Kashmir districts, the Government of India and the Election Commission (EC) should provide the people of J&K the opportunity to choose their elected government.

“Government of India is now running out of excuses to delay Assembly polls which were delayed because of Lok Sabha (LS) polls,” Omar said.

Meanwhile, voters at Ram Munshi Bagh and several other polling stations in Lal Chowk announced their support for Farooq Abdullah.

“We voted for NC because we have high expectations from Farooq Abdullah. His entry to parliament will prove fruitful for Kashmiris,” said Mehraj-ud-Din, a voter from Malteng.

As many as 82 votes had been polled at the three polling stations set in Burnhall School by 10:45am.