Vegetable, fruit prices go unchecked

Consumers have accused the Food, Civil Supplies and Consumers Affairs (FCSCA) department of failing to regulate the prices of vegetables, chicken and other edibles in Srinagar.

“The shopkeepers fix the price of vegetables as per their own will. The rates fixed by the department some months ago are not implemented on ground,” said Irshad Ahmad of Srinagar.

“The price of collard green, green peas varies from Rs 80 to Rs 70 while potatoes are also sold at different rates by different shopkeepers. One dozen banana is sold at Rs 80 or Rs 100 by shopkeepers,” Ahmad said.

As already reported by this newspaper, the chicken is sold at

Rs 175 to Rs 180 in violation of the government rates fixed at Rs 125. The rate was fixed by the FCSCA department around three months ago.

“The customers unwillingly purchase the vegetables, fruits and chicken at exorbitant rates as no shopkeeper has displayed the fresh rate list in the shops,” said Riyaz Ahmad, a customer.

The consumers castigated the FCSCA department for its failure to activate the market squads and issue fresh rate lists. “We fail to understand why the department has turned a blind eye towards this grave issue,” he said.

Advisor to J&K Lieutenant Governor (LG), Farooq Ahmad Khan when contacted said the matter will be looked into. “I was not aware about the issue, but now you have brought this to my notice, I will look into it,” Advisor Farooq Ahmad Khan assured.