‘Virus shutout necklace’ won’t stop COVID: Experts

‘Virus shutout necklace’ won’t stop COVID: Experts
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Doctors in Kashmir have rejected the claims that 'virus shutout necklace' can keep COVID19 at bay.

Urging the authorities to take action against people selling this product in the local markets here, the doctors have said that only social distancing, facemasks and frequent hand washing could reduce the risk of coronavirus.

"The device is worn around neck – nowhere near nose and mouth which are the key portals for COVID infection. Should you bring the device closer to your face, the active ingredient, chlorine dioxide, would cause severe respiratory and eye irritations and skin burns, as it is highly corrosive," said Dr Showkat Shah, a critical care expert.

"I have seen many people wearing it as they claim this could stop the spread of the virus, but it is a false claim. Prevention of COVID19 requires wearing a facemask, washing hands and maintaining social distancing," he said.

Dr. Shah urged the administration to initiate action against the sellers.

Dr. Salim Khan, nodal officer for COVID at GMC said that there are apprehensions that due to a product like this, its users may avoid necessary precautions. "In that case, it will do more harm."

Scientists have established that the coronavirus primarily spreads through close contact via tiny droplets emitted during talking, coughing and sneezing. This virus can also be airborne and it travels distances over six feet.

A senior official in the drug control department informed that they have received information about the so-called necklace being sold in the local market. "We will initiate action against those selling it in the name of preventing the COVID19. This is a false claim."

 In March, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the sale of this product.

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