What did PM tell you, Shah Faesal asks NC leaders

President of Jammu and Kashmir Political Movement (JKPM) Dr Shah Faesal on Thursday said that National Conference tried to score a point by meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi alone.      

“It seems that NC was in a hurry to score a point or may be the party wanted to cozy upto Prime Minister in view of the recent inquiries against the party leaderships”, Faesal  said in a statement.

He argued that under the given circumstances when an appeal for All Party Meet had been made, “NC’s approach is against the idea of unity in the state.”

“PUF proposed that NC PDP should lead an All Party Delegation to Prime Minister and seek his assurance over Articles 370 and 35A, as also the delimitation. But by going solo, NC has shown that it is not interested in putting up an effective fight against the assaults to special status”, Faesal said.

He said that NC’s press release didn’t tell anything about PM’s response and the people of the state are more interested in knowing what PM said to the delegation than what NC delegation told the PM.

“NC should reveal detailed facts of the conversation and assure the people of the state, if there is anything to be reassured about”, he added.