Will ensure peaceful polls: Security agencies

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Security agencies on Wednesday said that all necessary efforts would be made to ensure a peaceful District Development Council (DDC) elections commencing from November 28.

“The J&K Police has ensured peaceful elections in the past and during the upcoming elections also our forces will make all necessary efforts to ensure a peaceful and secure atmosphere so that people could exercise their franchise without any fear,” a senior police officer told the Greater Kashmir.

“It is a challenge to provide an environment where people can come and exercise their democratic right without any fear or violence. We will try our best to provide a conducive atmosphere to the people and we will be making all preparations in this direction,” the senior officer said.

He said the deployment plan of the security forces would be in accordance with the requirement in each region – Jammu and Kashmir. “The polls are part of the democratic process and it is for the betterment of the people and we are hopeful that the response of the people to the elections would be positive,” he said.

The officer said police, army, and central armed forces with the active support of intelligence inputs are mulling to frame a security plan for ensuring the smooth polls. He said exercise has already been started on various fronts to frame a fool-proof security plan. “We will ensure that people, election representatives, the polling booths and staff are secured and guarded in a proper manner,” he said adding that proper security cover will be provided to the contestants.

Proper advisory, the officer said, will soon be issued to political parties for holding poll related activities. “The political persons involved in elections have to keep police informed about their activities during the election period,” he said.

“From the security point of view, we are ready to ensure a safe and peaceful environment for the conduct of the elections in Kashmir,” a senior army officer told the Greater Kashmir. “Area domination is already there and we will be beefing it up in the coming days.”