People appeal government to restore mobile, Internet services in Kashmir

People appeal government to restore mobile, Internet services in Kashmir


first of all I would congratulate you on your efforts that u put in during these days of turmoil! Greater Kashmir has done a commendable job! Kudos!

Now regarding the subject of this email, I would like to bring in your notice that the bsnl has terribly dropped the broadband speeds (bemina), not sure about other areas, even if they have restored the services but the speed is so low that it is nearly impossible to browse. This complaint might sound a bit out of track this time but this is the part of sufferings. I hope this complaint will get an escalation from your side.

Thanking you in advance! 



Asalamu alaikom Sir,

My name is Mehraj Wani and I am from Pattan Baramulla. 

This email is regarding how BSNL here is forcing a lot of WIMAX BROADBAND users to pay bills for what they have not used. Let me start from the beginning. Around three months back WIMAX BROADBAND services stopped due to some technical errors from the end of BSNL Pattan and hence the services were suspended for around two months and in order to continue our services we were forced to pay the bills for those two months. I myself paid the bill as on 09-08-2016 which means I am cleared for the month of July, 2016 (please note that monthly bill plan stands at Rs. 750/-). However the broadband services were again suspended as per the Govt instructions, well that was not an issue. Today I was normally checking bills on BSNL portal it is showing me again payment due of Rs. 1545/-. I am just shocked to know how can it happen as even if there was due it should be Rs. 750/- for the month of August, 2016 how come they be charging extra? When tried to contact about the same from the BSNL exchange office Pattan they say it doesn’t come under their authority. There is some weird stuff going on in here. If you can please highlight the same issue that will be a favor.