Restore Internet services in Kashmir, People appeal govt

Restore Internet services in Kashmir, People appeal govt

Dear Editor



Yesterday evening i recieved an SMS from the school of my child which reads "Dear Altaf Ahmad AsalamuAlykum, Kindly keep Amaan Altaf well engaged in studies and guide him/her properly in completing the text-book activities. Praying for your well-being and safety. Management Kashmir Harvard"


My child has already completed the summer assignment given to him on 02nd of July 2016. I called the school PRO and requested him to provide the detailed (subject wise assignment) so that my ward can utilise his time in studies effectively.


The school PRO seems very concerned and told that we would have put the assignment along with notes on school website for students but because of  internet facility snapdown we are not able to do so.


Apart from  this thousands of students are suffering as they are not able to get the study material, apply for the different posts etc. which undoubtedly is pushing our future in the dark.


I request the authorities kindly restore the internet facility so that the at least our children could get their assignemts and prepare accordingly.

Altaf Ahmad