“Suffering here": J&K students stranded in Jaipur seek early evacuation

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The students stuck outside J&K face lot of problems. I am in Jaipur and we are about 100 students here. We contacted all the HelpLines from 1 April  but we don’t get any response.

We call J&K nodal officers to evacuate us from here every day but they only said we will do something in next two days.

Here in Jaipur all other state governments evacuated these students from here but only j&k students are here and we are helpless.

We contacted Rajasthan govt to evacuate us but they said that the j&k administration hasn’t given them permission to evacuate us.

The J&K administration doesn’t care about us. We face lots of problems here. Climate is very hot here. We don’t even get essential things from here. We request you please forward this to higher authority and evacuate us from here.