A painful separation

Greater Kashmir

He was the only son, the darling son of his parents. A caring brother of his two younger sisters. The life of the poor family was passing smoothly. But then there was a sudden turn. Muhammad Afzal Kumar recollects the tragedy of a young boy
Though he tried to express his pent up feelings but to be pessimistic is quite obvious when there is no ray of hope around, no shoulder to put your head on. Just tears and despair, great turbulence and tumult.
You may find this piece bulky, details lengthy, but please don’t treat it like any other tale. This is a real story, a journey, a horrible journey with no end. I am just making a gist of facts here for the readers.
A flower was just beginning to bloom. All seasons had endeavored to make it more colourful. Breezes in full swing were dancing and singing in the garden. Birds were chirping and with the gusts of air trees were making a sound as if whispering with each other.
It was a celebration. A celebration that they had been waiting for years. A loving and tender baby’s birth in a small poor family. Tears were in their eyes, thanks on their lips with an irresistible feeling of joy and happiness everywhere. The sight with its own perfect cocktail of lights and shades was telling its own story.
Then started a thought … a full time job, about this loving bud, about his care and nurture, about his protection. Days, months, years passed. Their consistent efforts got culminated into an envious, unbelieving achievement: the yesterdays’ baby was today’s dignified an engineer. He got appointed in public works department and was sent on deputation as junior engineer in the office of the executive engineer (REW), Rural Development Department, Islamabad, Kashmir.
He was the only son, the darling son of his parents. A caring brother of two younger sisters. The life of the poor family was passing smoothly. He was apple of every eye: At home – A caring brother and loving son. At office – an energetic, dedicated, co-operative, caring and trustworthy. In society: Social and altruistic.
People of all walks of life would vouch for his honesty and character. Soon a responsibility was added. He got married. The girl was loving, caring and educated. Life reached its zenith when the couple got blessed with a cute baby girl. Every day of his family was like a day in Heaven.
But then there was a hideous turn. The life took a strange twist. Utter chaos gripped everything around. The whole valley was burning. Everyone lost his/her identification. ‘Militant’ became the identity of every person in Kashmir.
Just after about 15 months of his marriage while he was on a business trip to Delhi he along with some of his friends was implicated in a fabricated and manipulated case and booked under POTA by Delhi police. This implication was due to one and only one reason that he and his friends were Kashmiris.
The tragedy came as a bombshell for the family. He and his friends are still confined in Central Jail, Tihar, New Delhi. He is a victim of circumstances. A victim of political machinations he is languishing in jail for the last four years. His confinement has caused deep shock and agony to his parents and other family members. Everything has got ruined. Property has been sold. Parents have become helpless. They are endlessly waiting. There is no hope, no more joy.
Now who is there to help him, to rescue him? Who will raise voice? Who is there who would remove the tears from the sinking faces of his old loving parents? Who is there to help them? Who will console his wife and children and assure his return?
Is it not the responsibility of respected and responsible citizens, the guardians of law? Can’t they help the victim and his family?