Airport in trouble

Greater Kashmir


The Srinagar International Airport is in news for quite sometime now. I believe it is wrong to call it an International Airport as it does not qualify for the same. More importantly no international flights operate from here. We are just adding false prestige to ourselves by saying that we have an international airport.
It was with great fanfare and tons of money spent on inauguration that we were told we now have an international airport and our long cherished dream has come true. However it will be in our own interest to understand the types of games the politicians play. Having few international flights for some time and that too only from the national carrier could not get it that recognition. For a layman it simply requires comparison of airports within the country to know the reality. Examining this issue more deeply, thoughtfully and realistically we can say that not to speak of international we don’t have an airport in this region.
Supported by recent Instrument landing System controversy with Air Force, there is no option but to accept that for all practical purposes it was meant for military, it belongs to military and it is to be used by military. Indian Air Force is not rigid but has been gracious enough to us. It is indeed their greatness if they allow us to move in and out of their base. I don’t think it is right to lay claim over a thing that does not belong to us as we have been made to believe. It is rightfully theirs and we have to obey their commands whether we like it or not. We have here a habit of laying similar claims over things that we have been made to believe are ours. The electricity harnessed from our lands does not belong to us even if we have to live in darkness. The water from our lands cannot be used by us as it has been already sold by our masters. When it comes to mega projects like railways we are told that we are the beneficiaries but let us think about the real ones. Conversely it can be argued that whatever belongs to them also belongs to us and we are supposed to contribute. Whether this statement holds true needs to be seen from the fact that our situation is different and we are the oppressed ones.
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