Declining Enrollment in Government Schools

Greater Kashmir

The administration of government schools needs an immediate overhaul for better results

From the past many years people have been stressing for quality education to be provided to the students studying in government run schools but the politics and corruption has proved to be a roadblock in bringing reform in the school education department.
Before making allocations to the department, the government must see why the department is in a state of hotchpotch that has reduced the enrollment graph in the schools from 2010 onwards. The enrollment in the schools up to 2012 was around 11 lakh students from primary to higher secondary level and instead of working towards crossing the 11 lakh mark, the enrolment in the schools has shockingly reduced to around 1,045,000. Why there is decline in the enrollment is worrisome and the department is not looking at remedial measures to correct the faults in the system. Despite having competent teachers, why is it that the results have not shown any visible improvement viz-a-viz decline in the enrollment of students. This is the outcome of the corruption, and political and bureaucratic interventions in the education department. Huge allocations have been made annually to the department but the funds need to be properly utilized as per requirements, more importantly on providing the required infrastructure, including drinking water and toilet facilities which most of our schools do not have due to lack of proper monitoring by officers.
Your duties does not end with ordering transfers of some blue eyed teachers just to appease some politicians and bureaucrats. By these undue transfers the teaching system is hampered and corruption encouraged. This is also one of the factors behind deterioration of the academics in the schools and most of the teachers without any political or bureaucratic influence become victims of frequent transfers from one place to another. Teachers and lecturers working in some prominent city schools however reach to the superannuation without being disturbed. This too has annoyed the government school teaching community as they feel they are being treated differently, and ultimately the students become the victim of this disparity.
Unless you streamline the system in a transparent manner, you cannot expect better results in the board examinations. The government money which is being wasted by the department is shocking. Free textbooks are distributed by the BOSE without knowing the exact number of books required by each school. In every school, rooms are filled with books which are issued fresh without knowing the requirements. In the process thousands of books either get wasted or become obsolete. The education department is doing injustice by wasting precious money of the government exchequer. The money otherwise could have been diverted for infrastructure and other necessary requirements. The academic system needs to be streamlined by trained academics and experts and not by people from administration.
Once such mechanism is created, taking the services of some top academicians,  we can expect some reform in the present school education system. Appointing retired professors, as the government assigned the job of reforming and overhauling the education system some three years back, does not help as they are yet to submit its report. The working of school education department faced with corruption and nepotism has deteriorated over the years, and ultimately the entire student community suffers for the fault of few.