Greater Kashmir

Did you know of such thing before, at least I didn't.

Dearth of psychiatrists in Kashmir is not a new thing, but helping doctors in Kashmir,who serve in Kargil or Kupwara,  by giving them WHO formulated knowledge on psychiatric ailments and counseling is a welcome news. One such experience was attending the training at Institute of Family Welfare, Dhobiwan; a life time experience. To encourage young doctors like me legendary doctors of Kashmir also attended the workshop. Every day we learned something new, be it psycho education, psychiatric ailments or psycho education. We learned how few words of empathy can be better and effective than placebos used to pacify patients having somatisation or hypochondriacal disorders. We learned a beautiful new term HUMAN PLACEBO, where doctor becomes an act of change, by just spending few more minutes with patients and not being mechanical. A  galaxy of doctors, psychologists from Royal College of Psychiatry whom I could not imagine of meeting even in dreams taught basics of human care and love, to be extended to patients having psychiatric ailments. Role of the Department of Health, Psychiatric Hospitals, HELP Foundation and Police Drug De-addiction Centre was so encouraging that we had to pinch ourselves to know that all was real.