J&K's Political Quandary

Greater Kashmir

There is no eaasy way out in sight

After having voted in good numbers for different political parties in J & K, there is clear political instability in the state which resulted in governor’s rule. Right now the equations don’t favour democracy. First, those who were voted out in the process tried to create confusion by taking a lead in talking about government formation. They tried to upgrade themselves in the eyes of the common people by declaring outside support to the major regional political party. But when the General Secretary of their party was asked, now that you have publicly tried to provide support to the PDP, please answer whether the government will last for 6 years, the reply was in negative. This is the double standard of this political party. They say something and do something else. Otherwise also, this was not possible because PDP’s fight was against NC in this election.
Now Congress had a different image, having worked with PDP in the past, there could have been a possibility of framing a government. But numbers were not matching – 28+12=40 only.
Now the only stable government which could have been possible in terms of numbers was PDP+BJP (28+25=53).
Independents also did not play any constructive role or did not favour any relevant alliance. Engineer Rashid favours NC who have been voted out of the scene. But he seems to be comfortable with NC despite having been critical of the NC led government. For all the 6 years he was never spotted on his seat in the assembly; he was always in the well of the assembly. Tarigami is  leader of his area but still speaks louder and supports any secular alliance in the state. Yasin is a silent spectator and wants to see which way the wind blows to get a last minute entry to a ministerial birth. He also is a leader of his area but acts disproportionately. Sajad is a new entry fbut failed to have numbers to play a role in the government formation. Other independents are claimed by BJP, NC and congress jointly.
What is the problem if PDP and BJP can give a stable government in terms of numbers, that needs to be discussed in this article.
BJP has a complete Hinduta agenda which they are running openly throughout the country, may find resonance in some population of Jammu region but the majority of J&K rejects their approach of creating one more division in the country by pleasing one community and humiliating the other.
As far as PDP is concerned they are altogether different, they believe in development of the state as a whole, providing a much more decentralized power to all the three regions of the state and safeguard the secular fabric of the state wherein we have Muslims in the majority and all other communities need to be provided dignity, respect and security.
So there is quite a contrast between the two. However, PDP kept all channels open with the BJP. It has come to light that CMP was discussed where article 370 and AFSPA were left aside by the BJP and all other developmental programs will be pursued. Chief Minister’s post on rotational terms was not accepted by the PDP. But this was never confirmed by the PDP sources who still say that discussions are in process with viable proposals.
Let us conclude with the viable options for the state which cannot harm the present status of the state where all communities can be guaranteed peace with dignity.
PDP, Congress and NC are claiming to come up to the expectations and aspirations of the people of the state. PDP has self rule in agenda, NC has autonomy, Congress claims to be the representative of all sections of the society. Both the parties, Congress and NC have been actually voted out by the people and people have voted on different lines. PDP in Kashmir and BJP in Jammu, almost two parallel lines,. Remember BJP is in the government at centre this time and won’t like to lose any chance of being in the government in J&K. They propose to keep the stand on article 370 and AFSPA aside to be in the power which is not acceptable to the BJP supporters people in the state. Hence no forward movement in this regard.
At the same time agenda of PDP is clear to further strengthen the article 370, self rule, removal of AFSPA, removal of armed force from civil lines, transfer of all power projects to the state and opening of all peace channels with Pakistan.
If PDP keeps aside these major issues, how will it meet the aspirations of the people for which the party itself has come into existence? Simply to be in the power and keeping the present status of the state as it is, providing ration, kerosene oil, and cooking gas to the people of the state is not the job of the government. This can be done by Governor’s rule far better than the political dispensation. JK state is a special state you cannot erase the basic fabric of the constitution of the state. Any deviations on this account will further damage the state and take it to the 1990 position. Mufti Sahab has to take a very foresighted decision because the state is at a very crucial stage at this time.