Political Gimmicks

Greater Kashmir


Hard stands are softening and postures are changing. And why not, as it’s all run up to elections, writes Shah Waseem.

As the elections are coming closer ‘mainstream leaders’ are resorting to political gimmickry and verbal jugglery just to score points over their rivals. To fool people they are making false promises and debating issues which are totally out of their command as nothing more than administrative works is in their hands. Advocates of bullet for bullet policy are now demanding withdrawal of troops and repealing of AFSPA. When in power they are comfortable and fell no shame on being stooges of New Delhi but it is only when they loose grip over power and with an eye on elections they suddenly see that injustice meted out to Kashmiris. Dreamers of bombarding neighboring country and merchants of death and destruction now act as ‘peace doves’, talking tunes of reconciliation and taking into confidence even UJC for meaningful dialogue, accusing others of not disbanding SOG which in fact is their own creation. They run passive separatism just to gain public sympathy and votes, and our ‘benefactor’ rolls red carpet for these hypocrites on one side and on other-side insist on pro-freedom leaders to launch election boycott. Is this their Kashmir strategy? These are set of opportunistic people who actually belong to none. Once Indian troops will leave this land, they will be the first to raise the flag of independence or of Pakistan at towers and other places, pro-freedom leaders may get chance afterwards.
 On other side of Kashmir situation is not as green as appears to be. To take part in elections one should have an affidavit, taking oath of allegiance for Kashmir’s accession with Pakistan, which belies Pakistan’s claim of unconditional support for Kashmir cause. The people of this side of Kashmir particularly youth are more interested in doing business overseas rather than in liberation movement and its leadership has paid only lip service and done almost nothing practical rather than those sycophants who talk of interim solution and advice to forget permanent solution as according to them independence is not possible even after 100 years. True freedom fighters and revolutionaries should form the government there. Who will channelise resources for liberation movement and highlight it in its right perspective. If Pakistan says PAK as ‘Azad Kashmir’ then it should accept it as ‘Azad’ as well which will compel India to come clean on Kashmir issue. If movement is ours then its remote control should also be in our hands as it is we who have to do what is to be done, as rightly said by Mehjoor:
“Who will free you, O!’Bulbul’, while you bewail in the cage?
with your hands, work out your own salvation”.

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