COVID19: V-Mart undertakes strict measures to ensure safety of customers, employees

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For keeping employees and customers safe, V-Mart has taken number of steps to deal with the increasing cases of COVID cases.

According to a statement issued here, “With the onset of second and more deadly wave of COVID, V-Mart is taking all necessary precautions to ensure safety of its customers. Not only are the safety measures stated by the government being followed strictly, but it is also being ensured that no employee or customer is at default in following these safety measures.”

The statement further said that to establish highest safety criteria, continuous overall monitoring is being performed. “The staff employees have been trained in methods of hygiene. Stores are cleaned periodically; every employee washes his/her hands and maintains social distancing. Apart from that, thermal scanning of employees and those entering the store is performed and hand sanitization is mandatory before entering the stores,” it said.

During the COVID pandemic, “V-Mart stores follows all precautionary measures to ensure safety of every customer entering store premises, and which has been proved last year in an independent audit. Last year, on Aug 7, in an anonymous face-to-face audit conducted by Mindmap Advance Research at V-Mart stores situated at Rajaji Puram, Hussain Ganj, Chinhat, Airport road, Telibagh Lucknow, it was found that the experience of shopping at V-Mart Retail is hygienic and safe. The audit found that in each store the staff was checking whether the customers entering the store wore mask or not. Those who did not were provided one. One designated staff was performing thermal scanning of shoppers and writing down their contact numbers, while another staff was spraying hand sanitizer on their hands. The auditors also noted that to maintain social distancing, the customers were being sent to the store one by one and they kept social distancing during their entire shopping.”

This year the company said that the monitoring inside the stores has been fortified even more and every customer is being encouraged to follow safety measures.  Vineet Jain COO of V-Mart Retail Limited said “For safety of our customers, not only are we strictly following every warning of prescribed safety provided by the government, but we are also ensuring that there is no default in following these measures. This year, we have made special arrangements to ensure that the safety measures are followed strictly.” He further says, “Last year the success we got in an anonymous safety survey conducted in Lucknow is a proof of this statement.

Shoppers at V-Mart stores feel convenience and relaxation while maintaining safety and hygiene round the clock. We are proud of the fact that V-Mart store is one of the safest places to shop.”