DAK calls for mass screening of healthcare workers

Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Wednesday called for mass screening of healthcare workers for coronavirus.

“That would ensure safety of patients,” said DAK President, Dr Nisar ul Hassan. “Mass screening of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff by antibody testing should be given the highest priority to prevent hospitals from becoming hotspots of disease transmission.”

He said patients were aware of the risk and were staying home due to justified fears that they could contract the virus by attending hospitals.

Dr Hassan said unlike PCR test which was used to diagnose active COVD19 infection, antibody testing will identify which healthcare workers were exposed to the virus in the past and have now developed antibodies against the virus.

 “We will be in this situation for another month, probably more. We need to test staff quickly for immunity to allow them work without fear of infection and ensure safe environment in hospitals for patient care,” said Dr Hassan.