Defunct digital X-ray machine hits patient care at Bandipora DH

Amid the ongoing corona pandemic, a digital X-ray machine is defunct at District Hospital (DH) here for past more than three weeks, affecting the patient care.

Several patients who had come to seek treatment at the hospital say they have to return in despair to get the X-rays done at private clinics since they were told the machine was non-functional.

Most of the patients visiting the hospital, according to an official, were those who belong to the Below Poverty Line and cannot afford to go for treatment or tests at private clinics. The patients said doctors mostly advise them to get digital X-rays done in case of pneumonia or bone fractures.

The official said the machine developed some snag more than 20 days ago, but the authorities were not bothered to address the issue which could prove beneficial for the patients.

Medical Superintendent, Dr Bashir Ahmad acknowledged that the X-ray machine was defunct, which in turn was resulting in problems for the patients.

“The printer of the machine has developed some fault. We got it inspected through the Directorate office. It needs some instrument which has been ordered from Banglore. But we are yet to get it,” he said.