Dialysis facility defunct in Kulgam hospital

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The vital dialysis facility in District Hospital Kulgam is lying defunct for more than a week due to which the lives of patients with kidney ailments are at risk.

A medic said that the Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant, a primary water purification facility for the patients needing dialysis has developed a snag and is yet to be rectified.

The Medical Council of India (MCI) guidelines emphasise that the facility be restored within 24 hours to prevent the patients from developing complications.

“It has been nine days, and the facility is yet to be resumed,” a medic said.

He said many of the patients who visit the hospital for dialysis were not getting the treatment.

“If the patients relying on dialysis don’t get it on time, there is likelihood of them developing complications,” a medic said. “It can even prove to be fatal.”

One of the patients, Rafiq Ahmad, 26, who is on a dialysis, said he had been waiting for the past 10 days to get the treatment in the hospital.

“I hope the facility is resumed soon as it is not easy or else I develop complications,” he said.

Many poor patients are forced to visit private diagnostic centers to avail the facility.

“We can’t afford it in private and it is even difficult to get the appointment there,” said another patient.

Medical Superintendent (MS) of the hospital Dr Muzafar Ahmad Zargar said that they were getting it fixed soon.

“Our engineering team has arrived and they are on the job,” he said.

Dr Zargar said that the team had to get the plants fixed in Kathua and Rajouri hospitals too and that was the reasons why it took them time to reach here.