'Endoscopic Stitchless Spine Surgery is future in DISC Prolapse'

Senior Endoscopic Brain & Spine Surgeon Dr. Trivedi from spine masters unit in Jalandhar Punjab has termed Endoscopic Stitchless Spine Surgery as the future in DISC Prolapse.

Giving example of a patient he said in a statement, a 40 year old man from Pulwama was suffering from severe back pain from last 6-7 months, which worsened during sitting; he was unable to sit more than two minutes. After local treatment at many places. He moved to meet Dr. Trivedi at spine masters unit in Jalandhar Punjab, where he was diagnosed with limber disc prolapse at L4-L5 level with annular tear. Dr Trivedi said that with the help of endoscope majority of Spine Surgeries are being done where a very small incision of eight mm and under local anesthesia. “During surgeries patient remains awake and keeps on talking to doctor. Majority of operation done under one hour time and after surgery, patient is allowed to move and do all activities as before. Endoscope has made spine surgery as a day care procedure. The said patient went with same procedure and after surgery he is back to life with a very small dressing (bandaid) and living a pain free life,” it said.