Flood-affected drugs given to patients in SMHS

Flood-affected drugs  given to patients in SMHS

The hospital had highlighted through media about the destruction of entire stock of life saving drugs.

The administration at SMHS hospital has attached Incharge Pharmacist and removed entire staff of its internal drug counter after doctors discovered flood-affected life saving drugs being sold to patients from this store.

An inquiry committee has been set up to investigate the case even as the administration has refrained from involving police in the investigation.

According to details, the drug counter at SMHS, which supplies life saving drugs and medical devices like pacemakers at concessional rates to patients was submerged during last year’s floods.

The hospital had highlighted through media about the destruction of entire stock of life saving drugs.

“Sensing opportunity in disaster certain employees in the store took these drugs and medical devices to their residences and cleaned them of dirt and slit and polished them as new,” said an insider. “They made them look like brand new and started selling the costly drugs and equipment back to patients via this drug store. They made huge money without being detected.”

Few days back a patient was asked by HOD Radiology Dr Sajad to purchase a bottle of intravenous dye for CT Scan. Before injecting the patient with the dye, Dr Sajjad got suspicious of the bottle due to its old nature. On further investigation he was horrified to find it as flood affected medicine, which if injected could have been lethal for the patient. The discovery led to a big controversy in the hospital and soon Dr Sajjad along with other doctors approached Government Medical College (GMC) principal Dr Rafiq Pampori with the case.

Sensing the gravity of situation, Dr Pampori attached the incharge pharmacist who according to sources is the kingpin of this scandal. With doctors pressing for stricter action, an investigation committee was also constituted to get to the bottom of the matter.

“Yes there has been a case of few infected voils being sold by the drug store. Our HOD radiology bought that to our notice and we immediately took action against the accused person,” said Dr Pampori.

According to sources doctors have urged the principal to lodge an FIR in this regard and handover the investigation to police, but the administration so far has not taken than course. “It is not that serious matter, a small amount of medicine is involved and till date nobody has developed any reaction or complication with any medicine, so there is nothing for police to be involved,” said Dr Pampori. “The inquiry committee is going to submit its finding by next week and after that further action will be taken.“

However insiders say that if this was a small matter or case of misplaced drug voils, how come entire staff of this section was shifted to other places. The scandal may run into lakhs of rupees as the drug counter has been functioning for almost five months after the floods. “We have no idea how many patients have got those medicines and if any of the six pacemakers implanted after the floods were infected too,” said an insider.