Good News (Write Hand)

Greater Kashmir

Bombs are for your safety. Enjoy!

In this entire madness created in the Assembly the whole week, we were fortunate to have one ‘sane’ comment made by the chief minister of the state himself. ‘Explosives are for the safety of Kashmiri people’. We didn’t know that earlier. Otherwise we should not have objected against the very entry of Indian army who brought weaponry as a necessary paraphernalia with them. All they carried was nothing but a bag of blessings which we mistook as gunfire and brimstone. Half a century later the discovery proved serendipitous for us, as who knew from this assembly session will fly out a theory negating the conventional fear we attach to bombs and bayonets. Wheresover they are piled up, human population must not feel that dread as they would do earlier. Imagine this happening in a society where humans mean beings to be honored, not things to be used and thrown. Thousands of men, women and children are sitting on a volcano which needs a small spark to set the whole region on fire. Here we see government giving public safety a creative dimension.
 A comparison will do. Americans would justify their attacks on Iraq as a ‘noble’ mission to have the whole region ‘urbanised’. Napoleon would ransack Egypt only to have its people ‘civilized’. Likewise explosions are there to deafen a human populace so that they understand the philosophy behind silence. That is the only ‘favour’ one can possibly expect from these ammunition dumps which CM believes are for our greater common good. 
 There has been a pattern of disappointment experienced in the statements of the chief minister. Earlier his take on rapes Indian army is committing in Kashmir has insulted the injury the nation felt the pain of. Even before that, his repeated advocacy of Indian military presence in Kashmir has left nothing to imagine. Hypothetically speaking, even if Indian government in Delhi is serious about driving out its troops from here, the government here may apply for more to authenticate their already authenticated loyalty towards their ‘Centre’. Chief Minister appeals to all his colleagues not to make politics of an issue which is apolitical. That is good, but the point is not that of political mileage, but public safety. If others are concerned about the very human lives endangered by the accumulation of explosives, does it necessarily make politics. Or even if it does, so long as it’s serious about ensuring people safety and security, it is to be seen on merit, not to be rejected to defend your own political interests. So if raising the issue means playing politics, rejecting it means doing the same or even more. And when we float some pointless argument of what came first chicken or egg the problem gets complicated beyond solution. Did civilians come to inhabit the land or were dumping grounds established first. Reversing the sequence or putting it straight may fetch different answers but will it have any effect on the wellbeing of the people.
 Those who feel obliged that a team from Delhi visited Kashmir have a challenge to meet. How to return that favour Delhi has done us. The answer is handy. Let them or allow them or perhaps invite them to make Kashmir as the biggest arms depot so that this region enjoys the constitutional status with an even more specialty.
 One of the biggest tragedies with us is the politicization of human miseries. Even the worst misfortunes are laid at the altar of politics and then begins the course of skull-duggery and point-scoring expediency. The same happened here. How cogent the argument, when used with an intent to do down your rival, it’s nothing more than a feeble voice drowned in the din. Another misfortune is the ‘special’ status of Kashmir which compels all politicians in general and all chief ministers in particular to save their job first. Doing this involves a long process of ingratiation which always makes them see a silver lining in a dark cloud. Like Mufti did earlier when snowstorm hit the entire valley, he was quick enough to rule out any possible damage and interpret it as a ‘long term gain’, which he alone knew the harvest of. Even a heart wrenching event of rape was at the very first instance, denied by him wincing a sudden but usual response ‘Nahi Hai’. More ridiculous was that the denial came in the wake of army’s announcement of a probe. Meaning, that even if army says it has happened, Mufti was out to deny to make people in Delhi believe that it has not. Going further back will unfold an endless documents of apologies earlier chief ministers have tendered to save their paramountcy which they knew depends on the goodwill of their masters in Delhi. So here too the case is no way different from the rest. Some harrowing accounts from Khundru have been already reported in the local press. Thousands of human lives are still at risk. As the house is on the boil for making muchado, people continue to live under fear. Go and tell them, that bombs are not to make them scared, but to have them secured.