Google can't substitute your doctor: DAK (N) to people

With more and more people in Kashmir Valley getting hooked to internet for health issues, Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) led by Dr Nisar-ul-Hassan  on Monday cautioned against use of Google for medical advice.

“Google cannot substitute your doctor,” said DAK president Dr Nisar ul Hassan in a statement.

“Many people are treating Google as their doctor and the dangerous trend is on the rise,” he said. Dr Nisar said the danger with the internet is that you can incorrectly diagnose yourself.

“The biggest problem is that a symptom that presents for one disease may also present for another. While your headache may be due to migraine or sinusitis, you may end up diagnosing yourself with brain tumor by Dr Google. “You may get a label of indigestion for upper abdominal discomfort from your web, but actually it may be a sign of heart attack,” Dr Nisar said