Kashmir flooded with substandard drugs, alleges DAK (N)

Kashmir flooded with substandard drugs, alleges DAK (N)

Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) led by Dr Nisar-ul-Hassan on Tuesday alleged that sale of substandard drugs continues unabated in Kashmir putting lives of patients at risk. 

“Kashmir has turned into a safe bastion for trade in substandard drugs and whole market is under the dragnet of these poor-quality drugs,” DAK president Dr Nisar said in a statement. 

He said that according to analytic reports accessed by DAK many drugs have been declared substandard.

The DAK president said in February this year, a life-saving antibiotic manufactured renowned company was found substandard. The drug contained 180.92 mg of levofloxacin which is just 36% of the labeled content. Also, the drug failed in dissolution test and assay.

“A cough syrup manufactured by another reputed company was found substandard in April this year. The contents of paracetamol were less than the labeled content,” he alleged.

Dr Nisar said last year, 59 drugs were found substandard. From painkillers to anti acidity drugs and cough formulas to antibiotics, drugs in all therapeutic categories have been found substandard.

“This is the tip of the iceberg as most of the drugs remain unchecked. Less than 1% of the drugs get checked and more than 99% of drugs are without quality assurance,” he said.

 Dr Nisar said there is a deep rooted nexus between drug mafia and shoddy pharma companies that pump massive quantities of substandard drugs in the Valley.

He said DAK unearthed a big spurious drug scandal in 2013 and since then hundreds of drugs have been declared spurious/substandard.