Patient almost loses eyesight at JLNM hos

Patient almost loses eyesight at JLNM hos

Ghulam Muhammad Beigh alias Mehmood, 68, was diagnosed with Cataract B in his left eye last year.

Relatives of an elderly person have alleged doctors and paramedics of gross negligence during a routine cataract removal operation threatening the eyesight of the patient.

Ghulam Muhammad Beigh alias Mehmood, 68, was diagnosed with Cataract B in his left eye last year. “Doctors at JLNM told us that the only treatment for it is to undergo a cataract removal operation and they gave us the operation date for January 22,” said Faizan Ahmad Beigh, nephew of the patient.

According to his relatives everything was going fine upto the time he was taken into the operation theatre. “The operation team led by Dr Haroon Rashid took him inside the theatre and injected localized anesthesia into his eye also called Block in their language. But his eye soon reddened and complications arose,” said Faizan. “The doctor took him out and said that operations cannot be done as there is a problem with his eye.”

The doctor advised the relatives to keep the patient under observation for the night. Next day he was discharged with his eye still bandaged. “The doctor gave us some eye drops and told us to administer the medicine to him for about a week,” said Faizan.

After a week and few more tests, the relatives alleged that the doctor told them to take Mehmood to Dr Sabiya from SMHS who also has a private clinic. “We were baffled but we followed his directions. For one more week we couldn’t get the appointment with the said doctor,” said Faizan. “And when the doctor saw our patient, she diagnosed him with retinal hemorrhage and then told us to take the patient to Amritsar immediately.”

Later Mehmood was taken to another doctor too who according to relatives also privately confessed that the block had been administered very unprofessionally threatening his eyesight. “He told us to leave for Amritsar immediately if they want to save his eyesight,” said Faizan. “On Saturday we took him to Amritsar where a surgery spanning for two and half hours was conducted on him. Doctors are hopeful that he will recover his eyesight but he has to undergo three more laser treatments. They too blame their counterparts at JLNM for the problem.”

 “Till date we had to spend around Rs 60,000 and the expenses are set to increase with more procedure,” said Faizan.

When contacted Dr Muhammad Iqbal, superintendent JLNM said, “The relatives came to me with the complaint. We have already constituted a three member doctors team from outside who are going to inquire the case.”

Dr Iqbal said that there is no question of negligence in JLNM. “Opthamology is one of the best departments here and Dr Haroon is known in this field. Ninety nine percent of times retinal hemorrhage happens spontaneously and that is why we had referred him to Dr Sabiya of SMHS. Our doctors could never think of any wrongdoing,” said Dr Iqbal. “Still we are going to probe it. ”

The relatives have also registered a complaint with Rainawari police station.

The relatives also expressed their apprehension about the paramedic who administered the block as according to them a much-qualified paramedic was transferred last month to gynecology ward.

“Both the paramedics are qualified. In fact the newer one is more experienced than the earlier one who too has not been shifted but is available there too,” said Dr Iqbal.