SDH Kupwara suffers acute shortage of medical supplies

Out of the 68 drugs it’s supposed to have for free distribution to poor patients, the sub-district hospital of Kupwara has only 28 available, forcing many to buy the expensive medicines from private medical shops. 

An official in the hospital said that even bandages, drip-sets, angiocath, cotton, injections, and many other things which should be available in bulk in the hospital were not available.

Rafiq Ahmad, an attendant of a patient in the hospital told Greater Kashmir that he was shocked hear that only IV fluid was available and he had to buy the required injections and drip-set from the market.       

“There is no medicine available in this hospital, I have to purchase engiocath, drip-set and paracetamol injecton from the market,” Ahmad said.

Residents allege that Kupwara district was facing its worst state of its healthcare sector with shortage of doctors, specialists, unhygienic condition of the hospital building.

They say the district hospital has become a referral system for gynecological patients.

“The officials are visiting this hospital continuously but of no use, as there is no improvement in the service,” said a resident from among a group, everyone nodding in approval.

An official at the hospital said that a month’s stocks it received was exhausted in a fortnight which hits healthcare during the waiting period for fresh stocks.

He said the sub-district hospital treats a heavy patient load from numerous villages as the main district hospital, but it is supplied the same quantum of supplies as any other SHD.

“This hospital is working as more than a district hospital but getting supply of equal to public health centre,” the official said.

“We cannot procure the medicine from the market, we have to get the medicine from the JKMSCL and there is always delay by them leaving the patients in trouble,” a hospital official said.