SDH Sopore can't treat stroke patients

SDH Sopore can't treat stroke patients

2 die in Dec as hospital fails to provide first aid

On 10th of December 2015, Abdul Rasheed Malik had complained of severe chest pain at around 9:30 am at his home at Noorbagh here in north Kashmir. 

The family members of Malik immediately moved him to nearby hospital (SDH Sopore) with the hope to get immediate treatment. However, their hope was short-lived as the life-saving asset turned out to be death trap for Malik. “When we reached the hospital we found only two doctors available, a BUMS doctor and a general physician, in the hospital and some other health workers. No specialist doctor was available there,” said Bashir Ahmad Malik, brother of the victim.

Bashir said the doctors put the Oxygen mask on my brother and also gave some tablets to him and then they asked us to take him to Srinagar hospital immediately. 

“He was referred to Soura and we were not even told that he had suffered a stroke,” Bashir added.

 At SKIMS Soura, where Abdul Rasheed breathed his last on the same fateful day at around 2:30 pm, we were told by the doctors that the patient had a stroke and he was not immediately diagnosed.

Bashir said the hospitals in the peripheries are a mere eye wash in the name of medical care. “My brother has been killed in cold blood because the death has been caused due to the medical negligence at SDH Sopore and due to the non-availability of specialist doctor during theemergency.”

He said, “Had my brother been promptly diagnosed at first place at the sub district hospital, he may had survived.”

However, Abdul Rasheed is not the only victim of the medical negligence at the sub district hospital Sopore, Hameeda Begum of Iqbal Nagar, Sopore also died due to the alleged medical negligence on 31st December 2015. Ironically Hameeda had also complained of chest pain and eventually died of a stroke.

The documents available with Greater Kashmir reveal that she was also referred to Srinagar without being promptly diagnosed at the sub district hospital.

When this reporter visited the hospital on Saturday at around 3 pm during the day time he found the hospital deserted and the physician, who was supposed to be attending patients in the hospital, was attending patients in the private clinic just opposite the sub district hospital.

A senior doctor while talking to Greater Kashmir said that doctors who are supposed to attend patients during emergency hours at the peripheral hospitals are attending patients privately at their clinics. “During critical hours doctors are not available instead BUMS and NRHM health workers are given the job to handle patients in these peripheral hospitals even during the emergency situations.”

He said one hour is golden period for trauma and for heart attack it is only 30 minutes. In 30 minutes you should get the treatment, maximum one hour, otherwise you will die. “If there is an emergency in the form of blood injury or heart attack that is why these hospitals are set up in the peripheries so that they can take care immediately,” he said adding that during emergency there is a golden period that is important, if you waste it in transit then what is the fun of having these hospitals in the peripheries.

Scores of patients die needlessly every year from heart failure because they are not properly and promptly diagnosed. 

When contacted Director Health Kashmir Dr Sameer Mattoo paid no heed towards the issue. “You can hold your story. I am in a meeting,” he said and dropped the phone down.