Stillborn thrown away outside Tral hospital

People outside a hospital in Tral were struck with horror when a dead newborn was found lying in dust near its main entrance Thursday, sparking anger and disbelief across Kashmir.

Following a hue and cry, a woman from Bathnoor area of Tral claimed the baby was delivered by her daughter prematurely in the Sub District Hospital.

“My daughter was seven months pregnant who fell down and got injured. We took her to the hospital where she delivered the dead baby,” the woman said.

The woman quickly escaped the scene without saying anything on being asked by some locals why the dead baby girl was thrown away.

Police have registered a case on a complaint by the concerned block medical officer.

A doctor in the hospital said the horrific sequence of events happened without the knowledge of the hospital staff.

“We gave treatment to both patient and baby but the baby had died inside the womb. We don’t know later how they threw out the dead baby,” a doctor on duty said, adding the patient and her attendant fled from the hospital without taking the discharge certificate.