The brave deserve the fair and poor go unheard. That's all

Greater Kashmir

In matadors, lean and skinny kalinars so conduct scores of burly, bulky, young and old; men and women that the scenes of infamous Concentration Camps are recreated. They drive the people back and forth, from side to side just like cattle. Surely, the victims of Nazis would have shown some resistance to the blood and iron of Hitler but you will seldom see any abhorrence being displayed against the high-handedness of a solitary kalinar. Ultraahimsa! Maybe that is why Bapu ji had seen a ‘roshni ki kiran’ round here and probably the divination later served as a green signal for Indian forces.
 Our erstwhile rulers have leased out for peanuts some invaluable land to missionaries from outside the state, ofcourse, for establishing high-quality educational institutions. Some of these schools are running for over a century now, but the infrastructure they have developed over the years proves beyond any doubt that they are steeling the dog and giving the feet in alms. Usually children of educated, well to do families are studying in these schools. This stratum has more than sufficient roti, kapda and makan, therefore, according to Mr. Maslow they aught to have a predominant need for self-respect, human and civil rights. Believe me I have seen cockiness of a thousand parents together go flaccid under the growl of a fifty-kilogram Principal when they tried to pusillanimously press for certain legitimate privileges for their kids.
 I have heard a million youth said that how did they beseech in front of an authority for a job or an opportunity. But, I have not met one yet who said that he/she asserted with considerable aplomb that he/she should get it because he/she deserved it. When we go to the court of law we do not ask for the justice that has been denied to us, instead we beg for it on the pretext of being poor, hungry, thirsty and what not!
 Have actually rulers- foreign, native, past and contemporary- been unjust and unfair or are we Kashmiri too timid and craven to deserve any fair rule at all? Our day-to-day affairs are stuffed with the incidents where one finds that our collective as well as individual psyche is devoid of even the bare minimum self-esteem and courage expected of a human consciousness. In a background wherein we continue to be chicken hearted and develop cold feet in front of an emaciated Kalinar, a non-violent Sister/Brother … a Hon’ble Justice, an unreasonable and bull-headed official or politician; how dare we come out against a mailed fist that is armed to the teeth? As a people, we need to screw up our day-to-day grit to demand what we ought to have and ensure that we get it. We shall better know that a poor man’s tale cannot be heard. It is the brave who deserve the fair.