Unhygienic conditions at DH Bandipora pose risk to patients

Patients and attendants at the district hospital of Bandipora allege unhygienic conditions in the health center exposed to risk those admitted at the health center.

They said the failure of the hospital administration to maintain hygiene with washrooms, ward floors and even bed sheets for patients not cleaned properly increases the risk of contracting infections.

“Due to pathetic and unhygienic conditions in the hospital we prefer to shift our patients to hospitals either in Srinagar or Sopore. The condition of the labor room is in such a pathetic condition that one hesitates to enter the room for fear of getting infected,” said an attendant, Jahengeer Ahmad.

He said that the condition of the general ward, OPD, and accidental and emergency ward was no different as bloodstained bed sheets and blankets is a common sight as the hospital stinks.

“Due to paucity of adequate space, patients and attendants are seen queued up outside. Even the OPD and accidental and emergency ward function from a tin shed, which speaks volumes about the state of healthcare in Bandipora,” a resident said.

“Blood-stained bed sheets and blankets are a common sight in the labor room and general ward of the hospital and it seems that they have never been washed or even cleaned properly. The toilets are equally in a deplorable condition and are not even cleaned daily,” said a local, Mohammad Ehsan.

Patients and attendants said that in the general ward dustbins could be seen overflowing with various kinds of biomedical wastes.

“The hospital also lacks proper biomedical wastage disposal plant, adding to the already dreadful situation,” an attendant said.

A health officer posted in the hospital acknowledged the bad hygiene conditions saying its building is very old and inadequate.

“Being the premiere health institution of the district, it is should have been 100 percent hygienic but that is not the case and locals are forced to shift their patients either to Srinagar or Sopore hospitals for treatment,” he said.

Chief Medical Officer Bandipora, Dr Tajamul did not respond to repeated calls from this reporter.

Block Medical Officer Bandipora and in-charge Medical Superintendent District Hospital Bandipora Dr Syed Rehman denied the allegations of unhygienic conditions at the healthcare institute.

“If there are any blood-stained bed sheets that would be after delivery of the patient and these are immediately removed and cleaned properly. There are no unhygienic conditions in the hospital,” Dr Rehman said.

He, however, said that the hospital has only one washerman who is paid out of the hospital development fund.

“He has to do all the work alone,” Dr Rehman added.