Curbing insurgency in Northeast my biggest achievement: Rajnath

Curbing insurgency in Northeast my biggest achievement: Rajnath
File Photo of Rajnath Singh

Curbing insurgency in the Northeast has been his biggest achievement as home minister, according to Rajnath Singh who says Naxal violence in the country is also on the wane.

The Union home minister asserts that BJP will come back topower with a thumping majority as people want the good governance of theNarendra Modi dispensation to continue.

"The way Modiji has led the country at national andinternational levels in the last five years, there is not an iota of doubtabout our win with three-fourths majority in these polls," he claims.

Singh says as home minister, he worked, among other things,towards curbing insurgency in the Northeast and Naxalism in parts of thecountry.

"Insurgency in Northeast is almost finished," hetold PTI in an interview.

On Naxalism, he says, "We are now in the mostfavourable position since 1971, when more security personnel used to get killedthan Naxals. Now the trend has reversed… Our security forces have been givinga befitting reply and eliminating Naxals."

Earlier Naxals operated in 126 districts, but now theiractivities are limited to just six-seven districts, he says.

"We are quite sure that in coming days, we will rootthem out. The elimination of insurgency in the Northeast has been my biggestachievement as home minister…Even beyond my expectations," the formerchief minister of Uttar Pradesh says.

He also says that as home minister, he made maximum numberof visits to Jammu and Kashmir and tried to find a long-term solution to theregion's problems, though it could not yield the desired results.

"Now, time has come to review articles 35A and 370 ofthe Constitution (providing special status and rights to the state and itscitizens) and assess what Jammu and Kashmir got and what it lost due to thesetwo provisions," he says.

"My ministry also revoked the registration of 20,000 organisations which used to get money from overseas, under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, and were involved in activities which were not in the interest of our country," he says.

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