People's participation needed to preserve archaeological heritage: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today stressed the need to preserve archaeological heritage of the country. 

Involve people in preserving the country’s archaeological heritage, saying it was the responsibility of society to take pride in it.

He rued the mentality of not giving importance to the archaeological legacy  and said the younger generation should be made aware about the significance of the heritage to change the mindset.

The prime minister also questioned the rules which prohibit people from clicking photographs at certain monuments.

Inaugurating Dharovar Bhawan, a new building at the Archaeological Survey of India’s headquarters here, Modi said people’s participation is a must to preserve and protect the archaeological legacy of the country.

"Across the world, where people take interest in this, there is citizens’ participation and cooperation. Whichever monument you visit, retired people work as guide. The society takes the responsibility (in preserving the legacy)," he said.

He noted that it is necessary to inculcate the same values in India to ensure people’s participation.

Stressing that the younger generation is the harbinger of change, Modi suggested that in 100 cities which have historical sites, school syllabus could include information on them so that students grow up learning about their significance. PTI