Qamarabad residents rue official apathy

We the inhabitants of Qamarabad Qamarwari have been year after year deceived by the R&B and UEED departments.

For the past five years we were denied metalling of this small piece of road by R&B under the garb of development in offing; of sub-surface drainage. The UEED has been assuring us that the drain would be developed in coming days but these assurances have proved to be a hoax.

We had approached the UEED where from the case was reportedly sent to the SMC with the works estimates and we were assured that drain would be completed by February 2019 but nothing has been done till date. The areas around us have been provided with drainage network as well as the metalled roads. We request the concerned authorities to wake up and pay some attention towards our lanes also.

Mehboob Ali Kar and others

 Qamarabad Qamarwari Srinagar


Residents of Shahi Hamdan colony seek Xen’s intervention 

We the inhabitants of Shahi Hamdan colony, 90ft road Ahmed Nagar, Sinagar are facing immense problems due to an under construction drain in our area. The way drain is being constructed is causing lot of problems to the residents. The height of the drain is near about 3 ft from the ground level which would affect electric transformer and plinths of the houses. We requested the executive engineer city (drainages) to visit the area so that the issue is redressed.



Traffic snarls at Natipora make commuters suffer

This refers to the nuisance of traffic jam at Natipora crossing. It is getting worse day by day. Everyday we get stuck in traffic jam for hours due to which we are unable to reach our respective destinations on time. Students and the office goers are the worst sufferers.

We appeal the authorities to intervene and ensure smooth flow of traffic so that people don’t suffer.


Control vegetable prices

We the Srinagarites want to bring it into the notice of the concerned authorities that prices of vegetables have skyrocketed. The vendors are selling vegetables at exorbitant price. It seems that people at the helm have turned a blind eye towards what’s happening around them. Same vegetables are being sold at different prices in different areas. We urge the concerned authorities to look into the matter and ensure that the vendors sell vegetables as per government approved rate lists.

Senior Citizens

Construction boom turns Ganderbal barren 

A decade before, Ganderbal district was full of paddy fields as more than 80% of its population was engaged in farming. Like other districts of the Valley in Ganderbal also hundreds of acres of agricultural land were turned barren by land filling for commercial purposes. The conversion of agricultural land is still going on and concrete structures have come up in paddy fields. New shopping complexes and residential buildings are being constructed on the fertile land. This all is being done under the very nose of authorities. If the conversion continues unabated the day is not far when we will be completely dependent on the food items being imported from outside the state.

Need of the hour is to stop this as soon as possible, otherwise land here will continue to shrink due to boom in construction.

Rameez Batwini


Gudsattu- Chadoora road in a shambles

The dilapidated condition of the Gudsattu- Chadoora road is making commuters suffer. There are pits and ditches on the roads everywhere. The condition of the road becomes worst during the rainy season. It’s unfortunate that this vital link road has been ignored by the authorities. Till date we have approached the concerned officials on many occasions but no heed has been paid towards our pleas. We urge the Governor’s administration to direct the Road and Buildings department to get this road repaired at the earliest to mitigate the sufferings of the people.