Is Anybody Listening? | Batamaloo residents aghast over increasing dog population in the area

Is Anybody Listening? | Batamaloo residents aghast over increasing dog population in the area

We, the inhabitants of Old Khadi Mill, Batamaloo, are under fear psychosis due to round the clock presence of dozens of canines at the entry point of the road linking New Colony, Batamaloo. Unfortunately, the SMC has so far failed to reduce the growth of the dogs in the city. We once again request the concerned authorities to take immediate action so that the dog population is controlled in the area.

Fayaz Ahmed Khan

Old Khadi Mill Shah Faisal Abad Batamaloo.

Commuters decry frequent traffic jams in Qamarwari

We, the commuters, have to bear the brunt of massive gridlock at Qammarwari carrefour invariably and thus our time squanders at the same point, as it has become a new normal there.

The vehicles which come from the cement bridge take a turn just about 200 meters away from the main nodal point where the northward traffic joins the mess at the same intersection point which further adds to the snarl up. Now it is therefore requested to the concerned authorities to apply the skills to alleviate the tangle forthwith.

Er. Imtiyaz Ahmed

Regular Traveler

Residents of Safapora protest conversion of agricultural land into a construction zone

Revenue and irrigation flood control department Lar, Ganderbal at Safapora are attempting to convert the agricultural land into a construction zone in connection with some vested interested persons and land brokers by way of initiating the so-called drive to restore the irrigation canal, The purpose of which is only to convert the channel into the road for the said purpose as clearly evidenced from their intentions as they have not started their action from the origin of the canal but targeted few persons in the midway of this canal at a particular patch and in this connection they have demolished some structures. They were so hasty in their action that without making the demarcations and serving the notices, they behaved like harshly. We now request the Divisional Commissioner to intervene as soon as possible.


Install Airtel towers in Brok Lankerchey, Kargil

We, the subscribers of Airtel are facing a lot of inconvenience because of erratic calling and internet services at Brok Lankerchey, Kargil. We are not able to make calls or even receive the same. The residents have to travel a few miles to get mobile connectivity. We now urge the cellular operators to install new Airtel towers in our locality so as to ease our sufferings.

Mansoor Hosain Beigh


Restrict movement of trucks at Malabagh

We, the residents of Malabagh, Usmaanabad link road, Acha Bagh, Hafiz Bagh of Srinagar city, are facing a lot of problems because of the trucks which have to go Zakura but take the Usmaan Abad road link road, Acha bagh. The road has got deep cracks. The residential houses have developed cracks too. They carry building material to Dal areas via this area. We know our area is in a developmental stage and construction is taking place at a rapid pace, but that does not mean Tipper/trucks will follow wrong routes and ply during day and night. They tipper drivers are being allowed towards the city and are advised to take the route via Mala Bagh which is already congested and adds more to traffic Jam. We now request the concerned authorities to kindly allow them from Gulab bagh via Zukura for interior colonies.


Re-open the registration link for JKSSB class fourth posts

We, the aspirants for JKSSB class 4th jobs, request the JKSSB and GAD to re-open the link for registration as we were not eligible for these posts earlier but after the clarification from GAD, we can now apply for these posts. We hope the concerned authorities will look into the matter


Residents of Gousia Colony, Bemina demand Jio Fibre Cables

We, the inhabitants of Gousia Colony, Bemina, request the concerned authorities to install Jio Fibre cables in our area as we are facing a lot of inconvenience on account of slow internet speed.

Dr Abrar Qayoom

Citizen Journalist

Inadequate staff at J&K Bank, Shalimar

Shalimar Branch is one of the busiest branches of JK Bank, but unfortunately, there is the limited staff here. As a result, the work which is supposed to be done in a few days takes months to finish. Cash/ Cheques take long to deposit in accounts and documentation works remain in process for months, especially in advance section. We request the Hon'ble Chairman J&K Bank kindly look into the matter and deploy more professional staff so that we may not suffer anymore.

Shuraim Syed


Address the grievance of Naib Tehsildar 2020 waiting list candidates

We had applied for the post of Naib Tehsildar in 2015 advertised by JKSSB via notice No. 01 of 2015. The final result was declared on 13th March 2020. It took half a decade to complete the process. Then Financial Commissioner Revenue(JKFCR) issued the appointment order of selected candidates via order No 102/FC(Revenue) 2020 dated 15.05.2020. After the stipulated time of 21 days, we came to know from the concerned Revenue training institutes that nine candidates didn't join whose cancellation order was issued by JKFCR via order No. 140 FC(Revenue) of 2020 dated 14.08.2020. In reference to above facts we, the waiting list candidates, have a legal right to get appointed on those nine vacant posts, but unfortunately, six months have elapsed, and we are still struggling to get our appointment orders. First, we were told that our joining is being delayed because there are some selected candidates whose recommendations are withheld from the JKSSB. Once all the recommendations were cleared, then we came to know from the Department itself that there are no more vacancies in J&K and they want these nine vacancies to be referred to Ladakh permanently. How come this is true that there are no vacancies in J&K now when those nine candidates who didn't join were appointed in J&K itself, what if all those candidates had joined, what would have department done in that case. Further in September Revenue Department referred these nine posts to JKGAD for their advice, JKGAD has advised the department in our favour stating that Revenue Department cannot take a double stand while operating a waiting list. But the department is still reluctant to appoint us in J&K. We now request the Honourable LG to take immediate action in this regard.

Naib Tehsildar 2020 waiting list candidates

Bandipora residents complain overcharging of passenger fare

We, the inhabitants of Bandipora, had requested the concerned higher authorities to take action against the transporters taking extra fare. Although ARTO Bandipora had intervened into the matter and Sumo driver started taking standard charges recently, but other private transporters are taking double fare charges, from Aragam to Bandipora, Arin-Sumblar to Bandipora, Bankoot-Mantrigam to Bandipora, Aloosa- Malangam to Bandipora, Bandipora to Ajas-Hajin due to which people are facing tremendous hardships. Besides, there is no transport facility from Bandipora to local routes like Aragam, Aloosa Arin, Bankoot after 4 pm, as the local transporters especially Sumo and Mazda drivers are stopping their services after 4 pm, due to unknown reasons. We fervently appeal to the DC, Bandipora, ARTO Bandipora to look into the matter redress our grievances at an earliest.

Residents of Bandipora

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