Is Anybody Listening? | Incomplete macadamization of roads in Srinagar irks commuters

Incomplete macadamization of roads in several parts of the city is causing immense difficulty for the commuters. The concerned department initiates the process of macadamization but leave the process midway, without taking into consideration the hardships of the commuters. In some cases, pipes are not laid down before macadamization of the roads and then the road is again dug up to lay down the pipes. It has become difficult for the pedestrians to walk on these roads, especially students and elderly. We request the R&B department to look into the matter and complete the process of macadamization of roads as soon as possible.

Adil Rashid,Student, DPS

Repair roads in Zangibagh, Chadura

We, the villagers of Zangibagh, tehsil, Bkpora, Chadura, would like to bring into the notice of higher authorities that the main road leading to Lal chowk, Srinagar from our village has been badly damaged by heavy rains and motor vehicles plying on the road. The road is full of potholes and has become dangerous for the vehicular traffic. As a result of this, the villagers, especially students, suffer terribly. Walking on this road has become difficult. We request the R&B department to intervene and repair our roads as soon as possible.

Basharat Ahmad

Tawheed Abad, Srinagar lacks proper drainage system

We, the residents of Tawheed Abad, Malora, Srinagar, face a lot of problems due to lack of drainage. Though the project stands approved by the SMC but the paucity of funds has put the project in limbo. Therefore, the concerned agency is humbly requested to make the necessary steps for the execution of drainage at an earliest so that the locality may not suffer further.

Residents of the locality through Master Abdul Haamid

Ogbal, Kupwara lacks basic facilities

The residents of Ogbal, Kupwara, would like to bring into the notice of the administration the condition of this village. Ogbal is surrounded by forests with immense potential to become a major tourist attraction but still lacks basic facilities including internet, drinking water and healthcare. The villagers walk 3 to 4 kilometres every day to fetch drinking water. The locals are disappointed as no action has been taken despite their repeated complaints. When I visited ogbal and saw the conditions of the village. The ground reality shows that they are far behind other areas and languish in extremely miserable conditions. This village remains devoid of the basic mobile network at the time when the rest of the country is enjoying the technological advancements. If someone wants to contact somebody who is outside the village they have to travel 6 km just to call that person. There is no proper transport facility in the village. The villagers have to hire “expensive” private transport facilities in case of emergencies. Though cattle rearing is one of the major occupations of these people but the absence of animal husbandry deprives these disadvantaged people of their major source of livelihood. The people of Ogbal want the government and district administration to pay heed to their legitimate demands and hope that issue would be redressed at the earliest.

Iqbal Masoodi, Dolipora, Kupwara

Residents of Aragam, Bandipora facing water shortage

We, the residents of Aragam, Bandipora, are facing acute shortage of drinking water despite bringing this issue into the notice of concerned higher authorities. Pertinently, water tankers are being seldom supplied to our village and the casual labours, who have been deputed here a couple of months before on favouritism basis by xen PHE(Hyd) division Bandipora, are taking the water tanker to their respective mohallas and supplying to their neighbours and relatives. Most people do not get drinking water. It is also pertinent to mention here that the casual labours, and one permanent employee(appointed recently on SRO basis) has been deputed in our village, who has no expertise in handling water supply in our village. They have made our water supply scheme defunct. Also, new water supply scheme has been sanctioned to our village couple of years ago but bore well has failed to give a final discharge of water and more than 35 lakhs have been spent on the said bore well. Ironically, the main supply pipes from new failed bore well to the main village have been recently laid, despite the failure of bore well.

Some influenced people have been able to get direct water connection because of which common people are facing tremendous hardships. We fervently appeal Hon’ble LT Governor, Chief engineer Jal Shakti (PHE) department Kashmir, Deputy Commissioner Bandipora and visiting officer Bandipora(Dr Asgar Hussain Samoon) to look into the matter and resolve our grievance at the earliest.


Install Jio fibre cables in Nowgam, Srinagar

We, the residents of Nowgam, Srinagar, request the concerned authorities to install Jio fibre cables in the vicinity of Nowgam as the students and business class face a tough time due to non-availability of 4G services in Kashmir. As exams are just around the corner, students need a good internet connection. We hope the administration will look into the matter without any further delay.

Residents through Yusuf ul Ali

Water shortage in Safakadal areas

We, the residents of the main chowk, Safakadal, are facing acute shortage of water for the last several weeks.

The situation has become so severe that after every evening, we hardly get water from our taps. This gets worse, especially when we need water to perform ablution for prayers and also at the time of lunch and dinner.

We are now making a hand-folded request to the concerned Officials of the PHE department to look into this matter and provide us with some relief.