20TH FOUNDATION DAY | PDP workers expect Mufti Sayeed-like leadership from Mehbooba

At a time when Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is facing a crisis in Kashmir, many of its leaders and workers in Jammu remained intact “expecting late Mufti Muhammed Sayeed-like leadership from their party president Mehbooba Mufti”.

Amid heavy downpour, a large number of workers and leaders assembled at the party headquarters in Gandhi Nagar to celebrate the 20th foundation day.

Recalling Mufti Sayeed’s contribution to Jammu and Kashmir, the leaders and workers hoped that “Kashmir-based party leaders will give them the respect they deserve”.

“Most of the PDP leaders from Jammu, who worked with Mufti Sayeed, are still in the party. Only two amongst us left the party. The party is much stronger in Jammu than in Kashmir,” a senior PDP leader said.

In the prevailing circumstances, the participants said that they missed their leader, Mufti Muhammed Sayeed. “Mufti sahab would tell us that it is not a party, but a revolution for the welfare of the people. The people of Jammu had a special place in his heart,” Hamid Choudhary said while speaking to Greater Kashmir.

Another senior party leader, RK Bali described late Mufti Sayeed as a charismatic leader. He said that PDP is intact in Jammu division and needs to be strengthened. 

“In Mehbooba Mufti, we have a good leader in place of Mufti Sayeed. But something is missing. There seems to be a vacuum in the party,” another Jammu based party leader, wishing anonymity, said.

“Today, we discussed several issues confronting the party. We have also passed a resolution to support the party President,” the leader said, adding that the party has become weak in the absence of an organizational structure in Jammu after the President dissolved the bodies.

Though, PDP leaders don’t speak up openly, but some of them have concerns with the leaders based in Kashmir.

“Expect Mehbooba Mufti, Kashmir based leaders have failed to give the workers the respect they deserve. That is what hurts. The re-organization of the structure within the party will help to keep away such arrogant leaders,” a leader, who wished not to be quoted, said.

Sources within the party told Greater Kashmir that some of the Jammu-based leader will meet Mehbooba Mufti and project their demands soon.