22 Munsiffs promoted as Sub-Judges on adhoc basis

The High Court (HC) Tuesday ordered promotion of 22 Munsiffs as Sub-Judges on adhoc basis.

“After considering comparative seniority and vigilance report of the judicial officers falling in the consideration zone and pending regular promotion process in accordance with the laid down criteria, 22 Civil Judges (Junior Division) and Munsiffs are hereby promoted as Civil Judges (Senior Division and Sub-Judges on adhoc basis,” the order of HC, Jammu reads.

The judges who were promoted included Meyank Gupta, RekhaKapoor, PoojaRaina, Pooja Gupta, Deputy Kumar, Ajay Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Smriti Sharma, Sumati Sharma, Rajeev Kumar, PhungtsogAngmo, Iqbal Ahmed Akhoon, Riyaz Ahmad, TabasumQadirParray, Sajad-ur-Rehman, AltafHussain Khan, FariqaNazir, Abdul Bari, Slahuddin Ahmed, Nusrat Ali, MudasarFarooq and Muzamil Ahmed Wani.

Their adhoc promotion would be for a period of six months or till the regular promotion is made, whichever is earlier.

The adhoc promotion would not confer them any right of regular promotion or any claim of seniority or any other superior rights vis-à-vis those who may be promoted on a regular basis and the adhocpromotee would be reverted to the cadre of Civil Judges (Junior Division) and Munsiffs in case they are not found fit in the regular promotion process to the post of Civil Judges (Senior Division) and Sub-Judges or in case sufficient posts are not available for their promotion on a regular basis. “The formal posting orders of these officers will be issued in due course. Till such time, they will continue to discharge their functions at their present places of posting,” the order reads.