44 percent Jammu-bound trains arriving late: Travel app RailYatri

44 percent Jammu-bound trains arriving late: Travel app RailYatri

Around 44 percent of the trains are arriving late at Jammu Tawi railway station with Amarnath Express that runs between Jammu and Bhagalpur station getting delayed by 25 hours on an average from the last three months, a finding of travel app RailYatri reads.

RailYatri came up with the report on the basis of scientifically collected data on “train running status” and their “average delay.”  

The data also shows the “performing” and “non-performing” trains at a particular station.

The other trains reaching late at Jammu Tawi railway station are MourDhwaj Express that runs between Barauni-Bihar and Jammu Tawi. As per the app data, MorDhwaj Express is delayed on an average by 24 hours followed by Gorakhpur-Jammu TawiAmarnath Express reaching late by 23 hours, Guwahati-Assam-Jammu TawiLohit Express delayed by 21 hours and Rajendra Nagar-Bihar-Jammu Tawi bound Archana SF Express getting delayed by 20 hours on an average.    

The RailYatri study also ranked the most punctual trains. Ahmadabad-Katra bound Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Express and Mumbai Bandra-Jammu Tawi bound Vivek Express have been tagged as the “most punctual trains” with average delay of 3-5 minutes on arrival at Jammu Tawi. In the last three months, both the trains delayed for just 3 minutes on an average.   

Another train that runs between Ahmadabad and Katra, Sarvodaya Express, on an average gets delayed by 13 minutes in the last three months followed by Shri Ganganagar-Jammu Tawi Express with average delay of 16 minutes and Bathinda-Jammu Tawi Express of 17 minutes.    

“As Jammu station is the most important railhead for popular tourist destinations in Jammu and Kashmir, trains’ delay here can mess up anyone’s holiday plans,” RailYatri spokesperson, Florina Soren said in a concluding statement on report.

“RailYatri uses deep data analysis to regularly bring out train trends from across the country and hope such insight about performing and non-performing trains will go a long way in helping passengers plan their travel,” she added.