B2V3 reducing urban-rural divide in J&K: LG Sinha

With the launch of ambitious Back-to-Village Phase-III programme, the government is coming closer to the masses—and the programme was “helping in reduction of urban-rural divide in Jammu and Kashmir.”Addressing people during his visit to border Panchayat, Pallanwala at Khour in Jammu district, the LG said that “Rs 25000 crore industrial investments is in offing and New Industrial Policy (NIP) will lay the foundation of a progressive J&K.”

“Public participation is the soul of B2V and rural-urban divide is being minimized with B2V initiative of the government,” he said.  The Lt Governor, while addressing a large gathering there, observed that the same set of official machinery has delivered amazing results under Jan Abhiyan and Back to Village programme—proving that with right intentions and eyes on the goal, we can achieve new heights of development.

 “I am not here to make new promises, but for optimum implementation and utilization of funds. Let the public and the government meet and discuss their priority projects and begin a new era of rapid development. I believe in action-based implementation,” said the Lt Governor, adding “Absence of governance and inaccessibility of officers have long marred our villages. Back to Village is an attempt to bridge this gap and during the past one month, officers and the public have displayed bilateral enthusiasm in it.”

He said that is the duty of the officers to take up the responsibility and help eliminate the lacunae. Dialogue along with public’s feedback is the bedrock equitable, inclusive development and transparent governance. “When you visit these villages you must examine the crucial growth drivers in that particular region,” he said. “Since we need to bring equity, growth and inclusion in our villages and also sustain it, we must focus on basic services, infrastructure facilities to kick start a growth process which increases citizen participation while fixing the accountability from top to the bottom,” the Lt Governor said.