Battling for life, 3-year-old loses parents, 2 brothers in Kishtwar road accident

Adeeda, a 3-year-old girl, is lying unconscious at Disaster Ward of Government Medical College and Hospital (GMC&H) Jammu. Her maternal uncles, sitting next to her bed, are restless.

“How will we manage the child when she wakes up and ask for her parents,” they whisper to each other.

The toddler has lost mother Rukhsana Begum; father, Akhtar Hussain and two brothers, one of them 45 days old and another 19-year-old in Kishtwar road accident that claimed 36 lives and left 16 people injured.

“All members of the family died on the spot. Only she survived. We were airlifted to the hospital along with the child,” said one of Adeeba’s uncle.

In a choked voice, he continues, “We can make other members of our family understand the will of Allah but who will tell this innocent child that her father and two brothers are no more.”

Left to Adeeba’s bed, Deepa Devi (20), with both legs plastered and multiple injuries in her face is being taken care of by one of her relatives, LakshmanDass of Bathkorh, Keshwan.

Devi said the only reason for the tragic accident was overloading of the passenger vehicle. “When the vehicle left for Kisthwar from Keshwan, conductor was driving it. Midway, the driver took over and lost the control over the vehicle.”