Bohri residents stage demonstration against breweries' operation in area

The residents of Bohri, Talab Tillo, on Tuesday staged a peaceful protest outside M/s Devan Modern Breweries Limited, Bohri against the “indifferent attitude” of the administration and State Pollution Control Board for not taking action against the owners of the breweries “as they have been continuing their operations in densely populated area”.

The protesters, mostly women, shouting slogans against the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB), were demanding that the liquor manufacturing unit be shifted outside the residential area.

“The operation of Brewery continues in the populated residential area which is jeopardizing the health of the locals including women, old-aged, children and the sick,” the protesters said.

Another protester said that continued operation of the factory has caused sufferings to the locals of the area due to air, water and noise pollutions caused by the factory operations.

A handout stated that in December 2018, a show cause notice was served to M/s Devan Modern Breweries Ltd by SPCB asking the former to explain within 30 days as to why legal action including closure should not be taken against it for violation of various Environmental Laws.