Communal forces out to harm Kashmiris outside Valley: Tarigami

Communal forces out to harm Kashmiris outside Valley: Tarigami

Appreciates role of civil society Jammu, Makah Masjid committee Bathindi

CPI (M) senior leader M Y Tarigami on Tuesday said that communal elements are trying to exploit Pulwama attack by dividing communities.     

In a statement Tarigami said that “Tragedies, should unite people across the country , but unfortunately some vested interests and communal forces are trying  to exploit these situations by dividing ranks of the communities. The hate mongers and vested interests are trying their best to divide the people.” 

“Whatever is happening this time, is neither in the interests of Jammu nor Kashmir. People need to remain vigilant against these divisive forces, who are hell bent to destroy the social fabric and communal harmony of the state. Authorities should have deployed security forces in sensitive areas of Jammu on the first day as there were apprehensions about a flare-up after the Lethpora attack,” he added.

“Government must take stern action against these disruptive elements, who are trying to disturb  peace and communal harmony in Jammu and Kashmir. Political parties, civil society and the media should play a positive role in order to keep age-old social and communal amity intact. Jammu and Kashmir state is rich in diversity and its strength lies in its trait of communal harmony. The need is to strengthen and nurturing this unity in diversity. Those trying to disturb it need to be sternly punished,” he said.

 Tarigami praised Makah Masjid committee Bathindi and civil society for doing a commendable job by providing shelter, food and security to hundreds of Kashmiris, who are returning home from various states.  “But it is unfortunate that no senior officer from the administration has visited the spot. The government must depute a team of officers to the spot and help out the people in distress. The biggest issue for people returning home from outside state is the transport arrangements in Jammu. Administration must take care of the needs of the people stranded in Jammu and not leave them unattended,” he said.