Computer literacy must reach rural pockets in J&K: Devender Rana

National Conference Provincial President Mr Devender Singh Rana today underscored the crucial importance of computer literacy in the fast changing technological world, saying it will not place youth in good stead in the job market but this is an area having potential to empower everyone in deriving knowledge and information about what is going on across the world.

“During the current slump in job market due to COVID-19, information technology was perhaps one of the few sectors that withstood the challenge,”  Rana said while addressing the Foundation Day function cum Alumni Meet of HIIT Computers Education Nagrota this morning, while stressing the need for expanding reach of computer literacy to rural areas.

He said the importance of computer knowledge was never felt as important as of now when the entire world is grappling with the grim pandemic situation. Computer knowledge is not imperative for just working on the laptops or desktops in homes or offices but it encompasses various devices which help in keeping track with the developments around, be it seeking online medical assistance or transacting digitally, he said.