Congress, Panthers Party rejoice over AAP victory

Congress, Panthers Party rejoice over AAP victory

“Victory of AAP in Delhi makes it evident that the electorate is well aware of the political vision of the party.

The humiliating defeat of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) in Delhi polls has brought smiles on many faces in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly Congress and Jammu and Kashmir National panthers Party (JKNPP), who attribute saffron party’s defeat to its ‘communal and anti-people’ agenda.

Talking to Greater Kashmir, Congress chief spokesperson, Ravinder Sharma said Delhi poll results have come as a referendum against BJP.

“Victory of AAP in Delhi makes it evident that the electorate is well aware of the political vision of the party. They have rejected saffron party in just nine months, which vindicates that the party was established on falsehood and fake agenda,” Sharma said.

 He said Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and BJP leaders at the centre are responsible for this.

He said the victory of AAP has changed the political scenario across the country, including J&K.

“This win of AAP has added new dimension to the political scenario of the country and it is now difficult for any political party to fool the voters,” he said, adding victory of AAP was triumph of ‘sincerity and honesty’.

When asked about the impact of this result on the government formation in the state, Sharma said, “Both the stakeholders have contrary ideologies and PDP should mull before joining hands with the saffron party, otherwise what happened in Delhi today, would be repeated in J&K,” he said and added that Congress also suffered losses in Delhi elections due to bad policies of BJP.

“People did not want to have divided mandate, so they preferred to elect AAP,” said he, adding still the Congress party has much vote share as compared to last elections.

Meanwhile, an official statement from JKNPP has complimented the electorate of Delhi for their refusal of politics of ‘religion, money power and fascism’.

Hailing the clean sweep by APP, NPP chairman Harsh Dev Singh said a highly ‘impudent and self-flattered’ BJP with its inflated ego must have realized that the people of the country cannot be swayed by ‘rhetoric and false promises alone’. He said APP’s victory was a moment of redefining Indian politics and re-inventing democracy with an ‘underdog outfighting a proclaimed conqueror’.

In the same statement, party patron, Prof Bhim Singh said, “People of Delhi who represent almost all the cultures, religious disciplines and universal voice of the country have rejected ‘Modism’ identified by arrogance of power and communalism.”

He added that the complete rout of the Congress and humiliating defeat of the BJP should be understood that the people of this country are adhered to a secular, corruption free and peace loving India.