Congress resents Centre's failure to grant official status to Punjabi, Gojri, Pahari

J&K Congress on Wednesday hit out at the BJP government for failing to respect sentiments of Punjabi,  Gojri and Pahari speaking people by not declaring official status to the languages.

In a statement, the Congress committee expressed resentment over neglect of Punjabi, Gojri and Pahari languages and said that the BJP has ignored the widespread demands by the vast majority of people seeking official status to their mother tongue.

“The government should have accorded due consideration to the demands by large population speaking Punjabi, Gojri and Pahari and other such languages in Jammu and Kashmir while granting official status to languages including Dogri, Kashmiri, Urdu, Hindi and English. But it neglected the emotions and sentiments of people regarding their linguistic identity. This is unfortunate on the part of the BJP to ignore such popular demands of the vast majority of people,” the party said. The party urged the government of India and J&K administration to respect the sentiments of the people and ensure justice without any delay.