Country in danger as Modi regime decimating institutions: Azad

Leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha and senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad on Friday said that the country is suffering from serious health issues because its soul was under a constant threat during Narendra Modi led regime.

“We all follow some faith and religion but in politics our religion should be guided by our constitution only. People of other countries, who believe in democracy, respect our constitution but unfortunately our own Prime Minister is not following it,” Azad said while addressing a public rally at Chowadhi area on the outskirts of the city.

“Our country is in danger because Modi government works against the constitution and political opponents feel scared, which was not the case during the government of the BJP stalwart Atal Bihari Vajpayee who always advocated healthy opposition.”

Azad said the BJP was dividing people on religious and caste lines. “In 2014, the BJP won elections by polarizing voters and creating a divide among Hindus and Muslims. This time the party is repeating its last election strategy and once again seeking votes on division instead of development,” the former J&K chief minister said.

“The battle of independence was fought by people of all faiths and Mahatma Gandhi never dreamed of a country where people could be identified by their religion”.

Seeking support for Congress party, Azad said the health of the country badly suffered during last five years. “This time elections are very critical and we do not need votes to replace the BJP but to save the country from further damage and to strengthen our constitutional institutions,” Azad said.

Attacking prime minister for bluntly speaking lies on many occasions, Azad said Modi deserves an award for not addressing a single press conference “because he knows that journalists will ask questions”.

“By speaking frequent lies a narrative has been set that only Congress and Nehru-Gandhi family ruled country since independence but in reality only three members of the Nehru family became prime ministers and country’s top most position was held by many non-Congress parties and leaders,” Azad said.