COVID19: 4.94 lakh stranded residents evacuated: Govt

The government has evacuated 4,94,566 J&K residents, stranded in other parts of the country due to COVID lockdown amid strict observance of guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures.

As per the official data, the administration has received 155 special trains at Jammu and Udhampur railway stations from different states and UTs, so far, with 1,40,292 passengers while about 3,54,274 persons from other states and UTs including 934 from abroad have been evacuated by the government through Lakhanpur, till date.

As per the breakup of the figures, 4,494 stranded passengers entered through Lakhanpur from September 23 to September 24 while 1148 passengers reached today in the 134th Delhi COVID special train at Jammu.

So far, 134 trains have reached Jammu with 124,596 stranded passengers belonging to different districts while 15,696 passengers have reached Udhampur in 21 special trains, so far.