Deaths due to oxygen deficiency deplorable: Rana

National Conference provincial President, Devender Singh Rana Wednesday expressed anguish and dismay over acute deficiency of oxygen in Government Medical College here, saying it has emerged as an extreme cause of concern due to increased COVID deaths recently.

“Maintenance of oxygen supplies and functional ventilators are main components to fight coronavirus besides various other ailments of serious nature,” Rana said in a statement, adding that the overstatements by those at the helm cannot change the grim situation on ground.

He said concrete measures need be taken, that too on an immediate basis to steer out the hospitals to functional mode instead of remaining in deplorable condition due to deficiencies, he said.

Rana said: “Someone in the administration will have to explain why corrective measures have not been taken so far as the deficiency of oxygen has been flagged at appropriate levels overwhelmingly. The statements issued by the hospital management from time to time lack credibility and are contrary to the obtaining situation in the health facilities. This has to be attended to at the top level as the patient care cannot be compromised.”

Rana referred to the reports of death in the GMC and said it has led to avoidable panic among people who were nurturing a feeling of abandonment.

He said the government in general and the health administration in particular must come out with facts and figures about the status of indoor patients.

“This will clear the misgivings, if any, and instill confidence among people about health facilities,” he said, adding these were the administrative measures which should be addressed on war footing.

He, however, lauded the efforts being put in by the doctors, paramedics, technicians and other support staff in meeting the challenge by COVID19.    

“The doctors, paramedics, police and security forces, civic workers and employees manning essential services have risen to the occasion and left an indelible mark of their selfless service at the peril of their lives and that of their families during these most testing times,” Rana said, adding it was because of their tireless efforts that vast majority of people see a ray of hope about their wellbeing.

He said these heroes were really working against the time by giving their best as saviors of humanity. “We don’t only salute these frontline warriors but their families as well who have emerged as a source of inspiration by remaining steadfast in this fight against the disease,” Rana said.