Development activities going on at a snail's pace: Altaf Bukhari

File Photo: Mir Imran/GK

Apni Party President Altaf Bukhari Sunday said that the development activities in Jammu and Kashmir were going on at a snail’s pace.

A statement of Apni Party issued here said that speaking before Apni Party leaders and workers of Jammu East Constituency at the party office in Jammu, Bukhari said, “In absence of an elected government, public issues remain unheard. The administration has miserably failed to perform on the ground and the failure of the bureaucracy in the delivery system has crumbled the entire system of good governance.”

He said that the bureaucracy had failed good governance in J&K.

“We founded Apni Party to bring both regions together after politics came to a standstill and the statehood of J&K was snatched,” Bukhari said in the statement. “The two regions – Kashmir and Jammu – have the same demands of restoration of statehood, protection to land and jobs and development.”

He said that the Apni Party had come into being to represent the people of two regions without any bias.

“People in both regions have the same demands and sufferings. We have come to serve people selflessly,” the Apni Party president said in the statement.

He also urged the local leadership of Jammu to work for the people.